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moist mittens

Monday, March 12, 2007
Visual DNA?
The boy let me in on Imagini, a website that uses images to create a social network based on a user's reaction to certain images. Interesting concept, and a huge time-sucker for Monday afternoon.

There's something incredibly intriguing about using images instead of words, such as how Ouverture Facile uses images as puzzles. Something to think about this week....


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Friday, March 9, 2007
Google Mail Fun
Yesterday the boy and I spent wayyy too much time ad-spamming each other on gmail. He kept typing 'WOW' and all my ads were set to World of Warcraft. I countered with 'tampon,' but the final blow was the 25 entries of 'mayonnaise' at the bottom of his email... I will forever have fatty recipe ideas thanks to him. Today I'm hoping to use it subliminally to get flowers or chocolates or something. At least I know it works for revenge.


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What happened to Wii Seeker?
I've been "NOOoOOooO!"-ing this for awhile, but now my coworkers chiming in with me. Anyone, what has happened to the wii seeker website? Before it would say how many wiis were arriving at Target and Walmart... now, it tells me what games they have. Boo, I say. At least i got mine while the info was good.


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Wednesday, March 7, 2007
You can find me under the bed.

Maybe I’m the only one, but I love RFIDs (you know, those little identification chips that everyone is putting in products). The thought of tracking my stuff is so cool and futuristic… imagine my excitement when I read on InfoWorld that a shoe company in Britain plans to implant them in their footwear! Just imaging how easy it would be to find your shoes in the morning.

Frankly, with CCTV and cell phones and all types of tracking devices out there, I don’t see how one more chip could really make a difference in my personal security. These people disagree… maybe I should start a counter movement to RFID the world.

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