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Friday, December 15, 2006
is two better than one?

Last night I joined Second Life. My name is Starkville March, if you ever see me wandering around.... And in case you want to jump on the bandwagon too, the whole signup process took about 5 minutes. Getting used to my new (superhot) second body is going to take wayyyyy longer.

After about 2.5 hours I finally mastered sitting, standing, walking without a drunken stumble, flying, and jumping. Occasionally I could pick up and move objects and talk to people. I even built a couple of completely pointless structures. Aww, if I had a mother in this game she would be so proud.

While getting a physical comprehension of the new world was a daunting task, even more difficult was coming up with this new alternate persona. Who is Starkville March? Provided with limitless options in hair, skin, eyes, clothes, body type, chin shape, and boob size, I instinctively set everything to my first life appearance. After 2 hours of building half-buried wooden donuts and blue chenille cubes, I decided to throw the reality thing out the window. I’ll become a new Starkville, with long brown hair and green eyes, maybe some tight plaid pants and a hot leather shirt. Ooooh..

It’s hard to change and be someone else on the screen, but I’ll give it go. After all, this thing is about a second life, and not re-living the one I have now. I have no Second Family, Second Job (yet) or Second Boyfriend, it is just me. All alone.



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